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Beach-inspired Jewellery and Gifts

We LOVE beachcombing for Sea Glass!

And then we LOVE creating eye-catching Jewellery and Gifts from those precious finds.

green sea glass stack
sea glass jewellery selection

We only use genuine, time-worn Sea Glass (not artificially produced in a tumbler), as we know that the history of a piece can evoke feelings just as much as its look and texture do.


Folkestone’s Sea Glass can date back as far as Victorian times, and over many years the power of the sea has tumbled these once discarded pieces of glass into something beautiful.


  • Perfume, Medicine or Poison bottles

  • Decorative Lampshades or Tableware

  • Soda or Alcohol bottles

  • Drinking Glasses

  • Even Window Panes....

Sea waves crashing onto Folkestone beach


  • ‘Mermaid's Tears’

  • ‘Sea Gems’

  • ‘Beach Jewels’

  • ‘Sea Pearls’

  • ‘Drift Glass’

  • ‘Sea Glass’

We find the best pieces (in terms of colour, shape, texture, frosting, and rarity) and combine them with Sterling Silver to make beautiful pieces of Jewellery.  Each one unique.

sea glass bracelet selection

But being a creative bunch, we don’t stop at Jewellery, and we are constantly adding to our range of gifts that catch our eyes, and our imaginations….


You will find hundreds of unique creative pieces in our online shop.

Or if you already have your own treasured piece of Sea Glass, we take on Commissions. Talk to us about what you’d like created.

Crystals and Stones

Because we love the beauty that nature produces in all its forms, we now supply a range of Crystals and Stones.


Not only are they wonderful to see and hold, they are believed to have a wide range of positive effects on your wellbeing; to help with natural healing; and to improve the environment around you.


Crystals and Stones have been used for health, protection, and spiritual reasons since ancient times by many cultures.  For example, the ancient Egyptians were particularly keen on using Crystals and Stones within their jewellery.

More recently, the popularity of Crystals and Gemstones went through a revival in the ‘New Age Culture’ of the 1980’s, and is currently experiencing another resurgence with the increased awareness of maintaining your wellbeing in the modern world.

A crystal garden, with amethysts on a mossy slate
blue geode cave
tigers eye crystal heart

Our range includes:

  • Aragonite 

  • Howlite

  • Sodalite

  • Opalite

  • Labradorite

  • Quartz

  • Mini Geode caves

  • Crystal mushrooms

  • Palm stones

  • Wands

Visit the online shop to read the characteristics attributed to each Crystal and Stone. Whether you are looking for a specific ‘feeling’, or simply like their aesthetics, you are sure to find something you like.

We continue to add to our range, so come back often to build up your Crystal collection.

Details of a blue mini geode cave
Crystal mushroom on a mos covered slate
crystal animal selection


In addition to this online shop, you can see a range of our products at these physical locations:

  • Native Three (aka 'Etsy Shop')

    • ​60 The old High Street, Folkestone, CT20 1RN

    • Open every day except Tues

  • Folkestone Market Place

    • Folkestone Harbour Arm, CT20 IQQ

    • 11-6 pm every Saturday & Sunday, April > September


  • At our Folkestone Workshop

    • By Appointment Only


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Contact us for bespoke orders or to arrange a viewing:

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